Wonderland Toys


Wonderland Toys is a new toy store in the Denver area specializing in earth-friendly, creative, and learning toys. Our goal was to create a modern toy store brand that represents the quality and sustainable toys they carry as well as set them apart from their local competitors.

I worked directly with the new store owners to create a logo, brand guidelines, and signage for their grand opening in July of 2016. Together, we identified the brand values that Wonderland Toys embodies as quality, learning, sustainable, and welcoming.

The logo was the largest and most important piece of the project, since it was going to be turned into a fixed, lit sign for the storefront. Through the logo design, it was important to capture the modern and quality brand value, without losing the excitement and wonder a toy store means for it’s target market – the kids.

I also created a number of print pieces to use for their grand opening, many of which are still used today. With the store signage, the aim was to affirm the brand, create some wonder, and show-off some of the new products they are carrying, which are toys you can’t find anywhere else locally.

Branding evolves, and should be revisited and updated on a regular basis. I gave Wonderland Toys a solid jumping off point and delivered to them a 28 page brand book that gives them guidelines to follow as they send out marketing materials, create Facebook ads, and interact with their target market. We also gave Denver a new kind of store to find those unique, quality, and sustainable toys.

CLIENTWonderland Toys
WHENSpring 2016
SKILLS USEDLogo design, Brand guidelines, Print Materials and Environmental Design