Setting a company apart from the crowded competition… Let’s do this!

A team of All-Star programmers came to me not just to help create a logo, but to help them identify who they were, and create the foundations of a brand to build on over the coming years. They are a new company located in Denver, Co, stacked with experienced and customer-focused developers and needed a cohesive identity to start marketing their services. They didn’t have the time or budget to dive deep into the psychology, but the aim was to give them brand assets that they could add to – and not have to redo in a year or two.

My role was to study what the competition was doing, ask the right questions of who they are and where do they want to be, and then start to craft a look and feel that’s congruent with that. We wanted to be able to come at it from a different angle than what the competition was doing, while still keeping a modern and simple look and feel.

Through our meetings and some concept exercises, we realized we wanted to show that SourceLab was able to take complex problems and data, and be able to solve it and make sense of it all for their clients. This pushed us in the direction for the logo mark of using a multifaceted polygon, that was whole and complete but with various facets involved. With the slightly more complex logo mark, we aimed to keep the typography very readable, modern, and simple. We delivered the brand in an extensive .pdf that details how we arrived at the current logo, colors, typography, brand and also included logo guidelines and images of the brand in action.

For the website and color scheme, we knew we wanted blue but needed an accent color that pointed to their willingness to be creative and try new and often difficult things. We settled on a slightly reddish pink that gave a bold and fun statement. For the landing page, instead of a hero image – they requested a series of phrases that would identify solutions to common problems of their target audience. It’s a fun way to personalize the hero area, while also providing a solution. We are starting with a single-page website for now as they are still discovering who their ideal customers is, and what story they want to tell. Looking forward to helping them further build out their identity and tell that story.

WHENFall 2017
SKILLS USEDIdentity Design, Logo Design, IA, UI/UX, Sketch, Hustle