Disrupting Cable designing for a new live online streaming service? Challenge accepted!

I teamed up with guys from Qwinix and joined a group from Dish Network already in-progress of building out the SlingTV website. The goal was simple, create a marketing and sign-up site that will eventually turn into a video streaming site – similar to Netflix but with live channels normally found on Cable.

As the only designer for the bulk of the project, I worked closely with the branding agency in San Francisco to deploy the brand guidelines throughout the website. I designed new comps, updated old comps, and worked on both desktop and mobile designs for both U.S. content as well as their numerous international programming versions of the website. I also made sure the hundreds of logos and programming images were kept up-to-date.

Following the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), SlingTV came home with awards and accolades and began to create buzz in the national media. We launched that Feburary and began the process of supporting a product that was in use by tens of thousands of subscribers, but also trying to move it forward toward a more mature product.

SlingTV has a lot of potential, and could be a beautiful app with an amazing experience. I learned that making changes on this scale, once there’s a customer base using your product, and multiple levels in management that all have a voice in the process makes it difficult to move a product forward. Starting with a solid foundation and building on that is always the best way to build an amazing product. My goal with this project was always to create something usable and beautiful, and hopefully disrupt cable – at least a little bit.

WHEN2014 - 2015
SKILLS USEDUX/UI, Photoshop & Sketch, HTML/CSS, Git