Matter6 Identity


Rename and rebrand a tech company? Sure, challenge accepted!

WRx Technologies was a Centennial, CO based company that was looking to take the next step and begin marketing to external clients. They specialize in creating apps and systems that simplify complex processes, specifically in the legal and medical fields – which sorely needs simplified processes!

I was asked to join the team, rebrand the company, and help steer their design team in the right direction. The goal was to define the brand values, and create a brand story and visuals that would take them to the next level. We determined this new brand needed to embody 6 values; Simple, Creative, Productive, Empathy, Team, and Fun.

At the very beginning, I recommended a name change. If simple was going to be a value that they hold dear, then the hard-to-pronounce “WRx” wasn’t going to work any longer. I began a process of determining company values, how they benefit their clients, what problems they solve, and how they want to be seen in the marketplace. After this process we decided that the name Matter6 was a deep and meaningful name.

The brand needed to be simple enough to embody their first core tenet, but also flexible enough to morph into related products. We realized that with all of the products they build, they didn’t just need a logo, but a brand system that can be built into a number of different apps and products. The hexagon became a symbol that signified not just the 6 values of the Matter6 brand, but the basic building blocks of a network of elements – or in this case, a suite of apps that were all related, all talked to each other, and all formed a complex network of system processes.

Armed with a new name and a symbol, I began building out the brand guidelines and initial rules for extending the brand system to other products and services. This culminated in a logo and a 35 page brand guide that is a solid jumping off point Matter6 to take that next step.

WHENWinter 2016
SKILLS USEDIdentity Design, Logo Design, UI, Illustrator, Sketch