Matter6 CRM


Creating a CRM mobile app that is ridiculously simple and fast to use? Challenge accepted!

Matter6, a tech company in Centennial, CO works directly with a handful of clients, building internal systems to make their operations run better, faster, and stronger. Working with this team, I was tasked with designing the user experience for a CRM mobile app that kept their clients sales teams selling more, and staring at a screen less.

Working directly with the sales teams and CEO’s of these companies we identified the main problem we were solving both from a company and user perspective. Our goal was to solve these problems, and not worry about the other “fluff” that comes from traditional Customer Relationship Management software.

After user interviews and observing how the sales positions functioned, I realized that adding new potential customers, account notes, and calling customers were the most common and time-consuming tasks, and they were often done in the car or on the road. It became clear that a mobile app, that made these processes a “no-brainer” would be the aim. After sketching and testing user flows, I built out wireframes in Sketch and wired them up using InvisionApp, so I could immediately get the potential users trying various functions and options. This helped us continue to refine the solutions until we came to something that would be a beautiful experience for the sales teams.

I learned that a big part of design is listening. When you’re trying to solve a set of problems, listening to the users goals and frustrations can go a long way in helping you figure out the solution. This project gave Matter6 and their clients much needed help in creating an app that was empathetic to their business needs, and providing an experience that was fun and easy to use, and most importantly solved a problem.

WHENSpring 2016
SKILLS USEDUser Research & Testing, UX, IA, Wireframing & Prototyping, Sketch, InvisionApp