Illustration & Lettering


In these self-directed art projects, I wanted to explore the process of hand lettering as well as improve my illustration skills. Definitely added 5 points to said skills.

My favorite of these is the Grand Lake Moose project. Inspired by a cabin adventure my family and I took at this giant lake in the middle of the Colorado Rockies, we discovered it’s a place where moose abound and it’s far enough away from Denver that it’s still a sleepy mountain town.

I began to really love the process of sketching, drawing, and tracing and would look forward to waking up early, grab my cup of coffee, put in my headphones and break out the pencil and paper to keep drawing. It’s worth noting that all of the lettering, illustrations, and the imagery are created by me – though I did trace a moose image.

SKILLS USEDHand Lettering, Illustration, Illustrator, Photography